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Fireside Accessories

Manor Match Holder

£6.00 inc VAT

A neat and stylish way of keeping those essential matches close to hand. Ideal for long safety matches.

Dimensions: Height: 13cm | Width: 8cm | Depth: 4cm
Available Colours: Grey or Cream

Match Holders

Starting from 

£14.95 inc VAT

Match holders, the perfect accessory for you, your fireside and ideal as a gift too. Made with all the care and attention that we afford our full sized coal hod, each piece will last a lifetime and is a delight to use.

One sweep is usually enough to light your safety match and with their extra long stem, lighting your fire could not be safer or easier! Further packs of matches can be purchased separately, at a minimal cost.

Heat Resistant Gloves

£12.00 inc VAT


Valiant Heat Resisitant Gloves

£16.99 inc VAT

Safely tend to your fire or BBQ with these elbow length protective gloves. The heavy-knit weave of our Heat Resistant Gloves have been specifically designed for enhanced comfort and maximum dexterity.

A woven blend of Kevlar and Nomex ensures heat resistance in temperatures of up to 250°C. These materials are widely used in the racing driving and aeronautical services. The gloves are lined with a soft knitted polycotton to give a snug fit and maximum comfort when stoking your fire.

The black elbow length gloves protect the hand, wrist and forearm and come in one size: medium/large (size 9).

Valiant Moisture Meter

£24.00 inc VAT

Fuel quality is the single most important aspect of making a successful fire. To burn effectively the moisture content of firewood needs to be less than 20%, whether it be an open fire or in a stove. Freshly felled timber has a moisture content of between 30% and 60%, depending on the type of wood. All wood should be split and stored under cover from the rain and open to wind and sun so it can dry for at least one year, preferably two. The Valiant moisture meter can also be used in timber, floors and buildings in order to detect and measure moisture content.


Box Contains

1 x Moisture Meter; 1 x Battery; 1 x pouch for Moisture Meter


Stove Pipe Thermometer

£14.00 inc VAT

Stove thermometers are designed to provide stove users with important information to help them make sure that the stoves is performing at it's optimum level.

The magnetic thermometer will attach to any steel or iron surface, but is best suited to a vertical surface so that it can be easily read. The easy to read display tells you when the stove is at it's optimum temperature. This information can help prevent the user from over fuelling the stove and burning at too high a temperature and damaging the stove, baffle plate and flue liner. It will also tell you when the stove is too cold and therefore producing excess smoke, fumes, soot and tar which will block up your flue.

The Chimney Balloon Kit

Available in small, medium and large.

£34.00 inc VAT


You wouldn't put up with a hole in the wall or the ceiling yet this is exactly what you have with an open chimney. The Chimney Balloon saves on energy bills by preventing valuable heat from going straight up the chimney.

It is made to be quick to install yet allows removal for reuse again and again - designed for people who like to light a fire at the weekend. It's completely safe (if heated shrivels up) and also stops debris, soot and bird mess.

Size Matters
With so many chimney types, there is no simple rule for where the balloon is positioned. Look for the lowest (most accessible) place where there are two parallel walls for the balloon to grip when inflated (in the chimney gathering below the flue or higher up inside the flue/chimney proper). Then measure the width + depth and select a balloon to suit.


  • Stops Downdraughts and Updraughts / Saves Energy & Cuts Heating Bills
  • Original & Safest (uniquely designed to deflate safely if fire lit under it)
  • 2013 BSRIA report shows savings of between ?197 and ?267 per annum
  • Inflate to install, deflate to remove - Easy and Reusable
  • Includes Instructions + Mouth Inflation Tube included (essential for installing)

BRSIA Test Results
In 2013, BSRIA developed an analytical procedure to develop robust test data in measuring the energy savings of the Chimney Balloon ™ product. Engineers conducted a series of laboratory tests and wrote a detailed report.

Average reduction of airflow around 87% - from 40m3/h to 5m3/h.
Total energy and cost savings:
a. Scenario 1 (3-bed semi) - 4267kWh or £197 per annum
b. Scenario 2 (4-bed detached) - 6454kWh or £267 per annum

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