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Stove Maintenance

Stove Glass Cleaner

£8.00 inc VAT

Spareline Spray-on Glass Cleaner is a quality product formulated to remove the toughest tar, soot and creosote stains from stove window glass.

Stovax Thermic Seal

£4.00 inc VAT

High temperature rope adhesive.


Hotspot Flue Free Chimney Cleaner

£11.00 inc VAT

Removes tar & creosote, prevents further build up for peak burning efficiency


Stovax Protector

Flue & Chimney Cleaner

£15.50 inc VAT

Reduce the risk of chimney fires with the Stovax chimney Protector which reduces the build up of creosote in chimneys caused by burning wet or unseasoned wood. Stovax Protector dries out the wet and sticky tar, so that it will loosen and fall down to the bottom of the flue pipe, it can then be easily cleaned out. Use Stovax Protector on your open fire or in a stove as part of any stove care or cleaning routine.The 1kg tub of Stovax chimney protector is a great safety product and very easy to use. Attacks tar, creosote and soot in chimneys by converting it into harmless clinker which may be easily brushed away. Helps prevent chimney fires. Burn 2 measures on the fire each time it is lit for the first 7 lightings, thereafter burn 2 measures every 4 lightings. please read manufacturers instructions.

Hotspot Slate Oil

£5.50 inc VAT

Actively repels dirt and water. Hotspot slate oil seals and protects tired looking slate enhances its natural beauty. The sealer allows the slate to breathe while actively repelling water and dirt.

This bottle contains 100ml of slate oil. Can be thinned slightly using white spirit.

Hotspot Multi-Use Metal Polish

£5.50 inc VAT

A very effective polish from Hotspot for use on copper, brass, nickel, pewter, chrome, and gold. This is a multi-use metal polish which gives a cleaner, more protective, longer lasting shine. Will work on many different surfaces, Cleans, polishes and protects in one! Please note, this product is not suitable for painted and plated metals or anodised aluminium.

LTP Stoneseal

Impregnating Sealer

£12.50 inc VAT

LTP Stoneseal Forms a colourless barrier and helps to protect porous stone surfaces from water, dirt, oil, grease, soot and lime scale, making treated surfaces easier to keep clean. Protection for polished and unpolished natural and artificial stone including limestone, marble, travertine, slate, sandstone, quartz, terrazzo, basalt, concrete and all other types of masonry surface. Suitable for internal and external use.

LTP Mattstone Sealer

£15.00 inc VAT

Suitable for all wall and floor surfaces LTP Mattstone provides a natural matt finish with minimal change to surface character on travertine, quarry tiles, terracotta, slate, stone, unpolished marble, terrazzo and cement floors. Provides effective resistance to staining from coffee, wine and other domestic fluids. Can be used in wet areas. Suitable for interior and exterior use and on floors that have no damp proof course.

Calfire Stove Paint

£6.50 inc VAT

StoveBright is a high quality fast drying, high temperature paint for use on wood, multi-fuel and gas stoves, furnaces, traditional cast iron cookers, cast iron chimineas and many other steel and cast iron products with in-service temperatures to 650 degrees C.

It is also ideal for touching up ceramic gas logs and coals.


We carry lots of different stove paints in stock. Please give us a call on 01985 301104 for more details.

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